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NBA 2K17 Demo Has So Attractive: Start Your Career Mode For free
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NBA 2K17 officially launch date is Sept.20, nonetheless, parties can get a leg up on the game's career mode with "The Prelude", user can access to download, it's worth to mention that the download is free. Meanwhile, it is will be release 11 days early. Today, as announced by publisher 2K sports.

"The Prelude" has remarkable features, you can get into related games platforms such as PlayStation 4 or Xboxone to play the introduction of MyCareer, the NBA 2K series’ single-player RPG mode, anyone are entitled to do this. Under 2K Sports’ Early Tip-Off program, NBA 2K17 itself can't launches for pre-order customers until a full week. Pay attention to is never happen in the franchise's history. A pre-release demo was offered by 2K Sports, it's also the first time since 2012, or something like it, for an NBA 2K game.

As you can see in the trailer above, "The Prelude" will feature NBA 2K’s new MyPlayer creation process. In NBA 2K17, your created athlete’s physical attributes — such as height, weight and wingspan — will affect their skills on the court. The game will also connect to the MyNBA2K17 mobile app on Android and iOS,  through the app, you’ll be able to scan your face onto your NBA 2K17 MyPlayer. (The app is scheduled to be released Sept. 8.)
NBA 2K17 wants to give you the tools to stop Steph Curry

You’ll also see narrative cutscenes in which your created baller will interact with high school coaches, teammates and others. The characters include a person played and voiced by Matt Walsh of Veep fame; you can see him in the trailer. The proceedings look very different from "Livin’ Da Dream," the much-ballyhooed but poorly received NBA 2K16 story mode that was written and directed by Spike Lee.

Once you create your NBA prospect in "The Prelude," you can choose to join the basketball program of one of 10 licensed Division I NCAA squads. The trailer shows the logos of the Arizona Wildcats, Georgetown Hoyas, Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, Kansas Jayhawks, Illinois Fighting Illini, Louisville Cardinals, Michigan State Spartans, Oklahoma Sooners, UConn Huskies and Wake Forest Demon Deacons.

A 2K Sports representative confirmed to Polygon that the mode will let you play for any of those teams, NBA 2K16’s MyCareer featured 10 schools as well, but the Wisconsin Badgers appeared only as an opponent. Once NBA 2K17 goes live Sept. 16, players will be able to buy all-time great teams for each of the 10 schools with microtransactions, as well as collegiate MyTeam cards for legendary players.

Playing through multiple college games will affect your projected status in the NBA Draft. And if you need some tips, "The Prelude" will include 2KU, a new tutorial mode narrated by 2016 USA Basketball head coach Mike Krzyzewski. Coach K will explain basketball fundamentals such as defensive positioning and the pick and roll, so you’ll learn how to play not just NBA 2K17, but the sport itself.
Before the NBA Draft, it is unable to find out "The Prelude" will be closer to end. while your progress will transfer to NBA 2K17’s MyCareer mode if you buy the full game. You can get into related games platforms to buy cheap NBA 2K MT, more NBA 2K 17 latest news, stay tuned U4NBA, more extensive gameplay preview await for you to watch.

The Prelude NBA 2K17 Soon To Be Released: Crucial Is Free
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NBA 2K17 soon to be released on mid-September, before its release date coming, basketball fans were still waiting, finally, 2K Games make them to experience the upcoming NBA 2K games. the game's will be available on Xbox One, PS4 and Windows PCs, nowadays, for this year’s title, something totally new was revealed by the publisher, which is NBA 2K17 The prelude.

The idea behind NBA 2K17 The Prelude is pretty simple. At this point, NBA 2K has absolutely no legitimate competition on video game consoles or Windows PCs. It’s become more than a basketball game.

NBA 2K is the definitive basketball simulation and cultural icon. The best thing about having a game this important is that 2K has a near guarantee that each year’s version will sell millions. It also has the side-effect of tarnishing some of the franchise’s luster. Yearly releases, slight graphics updates and a limited amount of new features have turned some users off from sports titles. NBA 2K17 is no exception to that.

NBA 2K17 The Prelude

With respect to Xbox One and PS4 gamers, they needn't to worry about the cost anything on NBA 2K17 The Prelude, it's crucial that NBA 2K17 will offer a way to experience one of the title's refresh features for this new edition of NBA 2K, the game's MyPlayer mode. This years version of the game, NBA 2k17, is set to release world wide on September 20th, but if you preorder your copy, you can get it four days early on the 16th. you can access to related games platforms to buy cheap NBA 2K17 MT.

D’Angelo Russell NBA 2K17 Ratings Announced
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NBA 2K17 officially release date is more and more closer, specific date is likely less than a month, during a month, both fans and players still anxiously awaiting in order to see the player ratings and the upcoming year.

Luckily for fans, Los Angeles Lakers point guard D’Angelo Russell wasted no time in revealing his overall rating.

While it is unclear whether or not Russell is ok with the slight bump, having the opportunity to play as yourself is always a dream come true for any athlete. Fortunately, the creators of the game put much more emphasis on Russell’s in-game antics such as his signature ‘Ice In My Veins’ celebration.

It seems Russell’s improvement from last season wasn’t enough to spur a bigger jump from his 77 overall rating in last year’s game. The former second overall pick in last year’s NBA Draft turned heads in Las Vegas during the Summer League, as well as participating on the USA Select Team.

As we all know that NBA 2K17 legend edition cover is lakers' Kobe Bryant, so, All lakers fans want to get the legend edition NBA 2K17 games, it's pleased to know that lakers fans have opportunity to purchase its Legend Edition featuring Kobe Bryant rather than Paul George, additionally, come with other amenities and will be available on Sept.20. It's worth to mention that Pre-orde the game will grant early access to NBA 2K17 on Sept.16. Before you get it, you totally need to get into related games platforms to get its latest news, meanwhile, you have opportunity to buy cheap NBA 2K17 MT.

NBA2K17 will use Mobile App for Face Scanning rather than Kinect and PS Camera
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The NBA2K17 moblie companion has a remarkable features, which is allow players to scan their faces, in order to they can have their likenesses in the full game. in this regard, it is totally different from NBA2K16 and make a great improvement, let's compare previous edition games, users needed to have access to either the  Kinect or the PlayStation Camera.

Game Informer is reporting 2K Sports has confirmed the company removed the ability to use those devices for face scanning, leaving the Kinect and PS Camera even less relevant in the current generations of consoles. This change in policy likely means more people will be able to have their faces inside the game when it launches this fall since the number of people who own the PS Camera or Kinect are dwindling rapidly.


In addition to the ability to scan your face using the mobile app, the mobile NBA 2K17 application will allow users to win  VC points daily. You can also peruse different items to purchase for the created player you’ve attached your face to through the application.  The application also has a MyTeam Mobile collectible card game, as well as the ability to buy and sell MyTeam cards via the app’s auction house.


September 8, the NBA2K17 mobile application will be launched officially, additionally,September 20, NBA2K17 games will be released on related games platforms such as  Xbox One and PS4, PS3, Xbox360. More NBA2K17 news update from time to time, please stay tuned U4NBA.COM.

Who is the cover athlete for NBA2K17 Mobile APP
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Karl-Anthony Towns born in 1995 , is a younger and professional basketball players, until now, he just only 20 years old.

Nonetheless, don't underestimate he is a younger guy, actually, he's already done a lot thing what you can not to imagine , for instance, like being  named Rookie of the Year and winning the Skills Competition at the All-Star Game in Toronto.  

His resume is perfect and is too long

On wednesday, as announced by via Twitter, Karl-Anthony will be the cover athlete for the My NBA 2K17 mobile app.

It was announced earlier this summer that Towns had joined Team 2K, along with the likes of Kyrie Irving, Jimmy Butler, Kevin Durant, Andre Drummond, Draymond Green and this year’s cover athlete, Paul George.

This shouldn’t really be a surprise considering how great his rookie season was and how marketable Towns is off the court.

We have a feeling this won’t be the last brand we’ll see highlighting the person Towns is on and off the court. Maybe the cover of NBA 2K18?

September 8, NBA2K17 mobile application soon to be officially launch, NBA2K17 will be released on September 8, release date is September 20. If you want get more NBA2K17 news, please attention to U4NBA.COM, we will be provide for you what you want to know, latest NBA2K17 news, footage, screenshot, everything here. 

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